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Conspiracy Quarterback: Jets' Aaron Rodgers, Joe Rogan Take Aim at President Biden, 'Pandemic Playbook'

New York Jets' quarterback Aaron Rodgers took a break from football to offer opinions on conspiracy theories ranging from the next pandemic to the 2024 Presidential Election.

Aaron Rodgers wasn't fooled the first time, and he claims he won't be fooled again.

"Let's look at what happened," said the New York Jets' quarterback during an in-studio interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. "And people are always like, 'why do you keep (bleeping)  bringing up the vaccine?' For multiple reasons. Listen, this is a playbook that now we have, for the next time they (bleeping) try and do this (bleep). Don't forget about this."

Rodgers was the guest on Rogan's long-running podcast, talking to the controversial host for almost two-and-a-half hours.

"We cannot forget about what happened because this is what they're gonna do next time," said Rodgers, as he and the show host pondered the idea of "Disease X" potentially emerging down the road.

Jets - Aaron Rodgers Joe Rogan

Rodgers and Rogan shared their admiration for third-party presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. while opining on a wide variety of topics including Bill Gates' questionable stock purchases and the unjustified detention of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. 

During one segment, Rodgers and Rogan highlighted Big Pharma's heavy financial investment in advertising as a means of controlling the messaging in mainstream media.

"I was watching the playoff game the other day, and it said, 'NFL football, brought to you by Pfizer.' I was like, 'Yea, I knew that'," said Rodgers, who has previously taken shots at Kansas City Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce for being a paid Pfizer spokesman

Rodgers also discussed the fallout from his decision to exercise medical choice and decline the COVID vaccine.

"I lost friends, allies in the media, millions of dollars in sponsorship because I talked about what worked for me and my own beliefs and my own health reasons why I didn't get vaccinated," said Rodgers.

Not surprisingly, Rogan heartily approved of Rodgers' choice to forego the vaccine. 

"Oh, by the way, you were right," Rogan said. "You didn't need it. Look how quickly you recovered."

Rodgers has been steadfast in his support of vaccine choice and medical freedom. The 40-year-old field general, who once served a stint as the host of Jeopardy, has routinely spoken out against COVID mandates and government-enabled censorship in the news media.

"All the conspiracies that got people censored and kicked off, so many of them have proven to be true," said Rodgers.

Rodgers and Rogan suggested something strange could occur later this year around the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election set for November.

"I think that this is going to be a crazy year," said Rodgers. "They can't roll out 'Weekend at Bernie's' and expect him to be able to debate and or actually carry a conversation."

Rogan predicted that President Joe Biden wouldn't make it to the finish line in the 2024 race.

"I think the plan is you wait until it becomes extremely obvious that Biden can't do it and then they pull him out," said Rogan. "I think they probably put in Gavin Newsom."