Brandon Marshall: Jamal Adams will be happy if he gets paid from the New York Jets

Kristian Dyer

Brandon Marshall has thoughts on the Jamal Adams situation with the New York Jets, the former NFL wide receiver saying that he thinks the star safety wants to stay with the team if they are willing to pay him top dollar.

A week ago, reports from and the New York Daily News said that Adams wants to be traded over his dissatisfaction with his contract. In recent days, Adams has upped the acrimony between the two sides with his social media posts confirming he wants to be traded.

Marshall, who played with the Jets for two years, thinks the divide need not go further between the two parties. Appearing on Colin Cowherd’s radio show, the host asked if Adams wants to play for a winning team and if that is the reason for the trade demands.

“No no, he’s saying – I want to be clear here – he’s saying I want my money. Because if you pay him as the top safety in the NFL, he will be happy because Jamal Adams is a loyal guy,” Marshall said Thursday afternoon on ‘The Herd’ on FS1 and Fox Sports Radio. “He’s passionate, he wants to rep this team. But he wants this team to stand up and say ‘You know what? We love you and respect you for the superstar you are’."

Marshall was set to offer his thoughts on what Adams should do but technical difficulties set in just as he began his answer. He did not return to the show to complete his thoughts.

Adams, of course, is the best player on the Jets. An All-Pro last year and the team’s only Pro Bowl selection, he has repeatedly stated his desire to be the top paid safety in the NFL. He is set to enter the fourth season of what is a five-year rookie contract and the Jets can also utilize the franchise tag to further extend his time with the organization.

In recent social media posts, Adams has railed against the organization for failing to provide him with a long-term contract. He claimed in one post that he was promised an offer in January and nothing has come through yet.

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He really does deserve to be paid as one of the top safeties in the league. Hope him and the Jets can reach an agreement.