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Larry David just described what could be the obituary for any New York Jets fan in his latest episode of HBO’s hit show ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’ The Jets, he thinks for a long part of the show, killed one of his friends. 

A well-known Jets fan who once reportedly attempted to convince former Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan to draft Lamar Jackson, David hilariously lampooned his favorite team in the most recent episode of his hit comedy. In the episode, following a round of golf, David along with pals including his manager Jeff Greene and Richard Lewis, enjoy lunch at a local restaurant. They are joined by a friend, known only as ‘Carl’ who at lunch, who gets physically upset when he learns that Jets running back Le’Veon Bell is hurt and out for the season. 

‘Carl’ just doesn’t take it well and gets angry about the news, including a rant about the team spending big on the star running back last year. 

Several segments later, David learns from Greene that ‘Carl’ has committed suicide. 


Greene, played by veteran actor Jeff Garlin, relayed his friend’s suicide note. It was cryptic, Greene relating “He said ‘I can’t take anymore disappointment’.” 

“Holy s—t. Holy s—t. ‘I can’t take any more disappointment.’ That’s what he used to say when we’d watch the Jets games together. ‘I can’t take any more disappointment.’ That’s an exact quote,” David said when hearing of the message. 

“Jeff, I’ve seen that guy sob after losses. During games, I’ve seen him sob,” David continued. 

“And they kept losing. It kept eating at him, eating at him. And he just – he couldn’t take any more disappointment. The Jets killed Carl…and a little bit of the Knicks.” 

No spoilers as to if the Jets did in fact do-in ‘Carl.’ The actor who portrayed ‘Carl’ is Bobby Slayton.