NFL odds: The balance of power has shifted back to the New England Patriots in the AFC East

Kristian Dyer

The balance of power may have shifted in the AFC East with the New England Patriots signing of Cam Newton on Monday.

The signing of Newton was a masterstroke from the Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick, giving New England a natural successor to Tom Brady (albeit short-term, Newton’s deal is just for one year). In Newton, the Patriots get a quarterback who is proven, been to a Super Bowl and has had MVP chatter throughout his career.

Not bad for a signing made in what is now almost July. Not bad at all.

And perhaps more important, the signing of Newton is not only a solid move in and of itself, it also provides a rather significant upgrade over Jarret Stidham, who was projected to be the New England starting quarterback come Week 1.

At the end of the day, what the signing of Newton does, at least on paper, is tilt the balance in power back to New England. The Buffalo Bills, a playoff team last year and with arguably the best roster in the division, were thought to be the favorites to take the AFC East this year.

The New York Jets were always a longshot to win the division but some had them as a darkhorse.

Now with Newton, it is hard to argue against Belichick not being the favorite. And on Monday, the oddsmakers moved in that direction.

Before the signing, the AFC East wagering odds according to BetOnline:

Bills +110

Pats +170

Dolphins +800

Jets +800

The Patriots Super Bowl odds shifted from 28:1 to 25:1. Their conference odds remained unchanged at 12:1. The odds for New England to win the division moved from 17:10 (+170) on Monday to 13:10 (+130).

They are currently tied with the Bills at 13:10 for the best odds in the AFC East.

Cam Newton was 100:1 to win MVP before this move. He instantly upgraded to 40:1.

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Obviously this is a huge deal for the AFC. I still think that Newton is one of the best QB's in the league if he is at full health. With the Pats defense, they are going to once again be a solid team.