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What are the New York Jets Odds to Land Trevor Lawrence as the No. 1 Pick in the NFL Draft?

A look at what the oddsmakers are saying for the New York Jets to land the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft.

In terms of the No. 1 overall pick, the New York Jets are in the hunt. Inside two weeks out from the start of the NFL season, the Jets are tied with the sixth best odds at landing the top pick in the NFL Draft.

All of which means that the oddsmakers don’t exactly think the Jets are ready for the playoffs at this juncture. The Jets are tied at 12:1 along with fellow AFC East side the Miami Dolphins.

The Jets are 12:1 to land the top pick in the draft, a dubious distinction that would entail the Jets having the worst record in the NFL this upcoming season. Given the Jets rebuilding effort this offseason, it seems unlikely that they will fully tank and have the fewest wins in the league.

But the 12:1 odds are reflective of a team that is still very much in transition. The Jets are good enough to win a few games, but as BetOnline projects, they also will likely be a team that isn’t quite ready to make the jump to the playoffs.

The consensus No. 1 pick is Trevor Lawrence out of Clemson, considered the most-polished quarterback to come out of college football the past decade.

Who will get the first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft according to BetOnline?

Jacksonville Jaguars 275

Washington 550

Carolina Panthers 8/1

Cincinnati Bengals 9/1

New York Giants 11/1

Miami Dolphins 12/1

New York Jets 12/1

Detroit Lions 18/1

Las Vegas Raiders 18/1

Arizona Cardinals 22/1

Atlanta Falcons 22/1

Denver Broncos 22/1

Los Angeles Chargers 25/1

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Chicago Bears 28/1

Houston Texans 28/1

Buffalo Bills 33/1

Cleveland Browns 33/1

Los Angeles Rams 33/1

New England Patriots 33/1

Indianapolis Colts 40/1

Minnesota Vikings 40/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 50/1

Tennessee Titans 50/1

Green Bay Packers 60/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 60/1

Dallas Cowboys 66/1

Philadelphia Eagles 66/1

Seattle Seahawks 66/1

New Orleans Saints 80/1

San Francisco 49ers 80/1

Baltimore Ravens 125/1

Kansas City Chiefs 150/1