NFL Executive On Dak Prescott To The  Jets: Sam Darnold Has Higher Ceiling Than Dak

Kristian Dyer

The New York Jets should stay put when it comes to the development of Sam Darnold, even should one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks become available this offseason. That is the opinion of two NFL executives who both think that the Jets should continue to grow their former first round pick into a franchise quarterback. 

There has been buzz – whether founded or not – that Tom Brady could leave the New England Patriots this offseason with a potential landing spot at the Dallas Cowboys. If that was the case, the Cowboys could be ready to move on from Dak Prescott, who has proven over the past four years to be a high-end NFL quarterback. 

Could the Jets, who haven’t had a true franchise quarterback since Joe Namath, have interest in Prescott? It is a thought. But perhaps not a good one. 

The Jets, after all, did invest heavily three years ago in Darnold, packaging picks to move up in the draft to eventually land the former USC star. 

Two former NFL executives, Jeff Diamond and Marc Ross, tell’s Jets Country that the Jets should continue to patiently groom Darnold. This, even if Prescott were available and interested in coming to New York. 

“Nope -I think they’re set with Darnold,” Diamond said. “And the salary cap hit [for the Jets] would be $17.9 million this year if they traded or released Darnold …so that makes it even more unlikely.” 

A former president of the Tennessee Titans and general manager of the Minnesota Vikings, Diamond thinks the Dallas Cowboys will franchise tag Prescott. 

As for Ross, the ceiling for Darnold is simply too high. A former vice president of player evaluation for the New York Giants who also spent time in the personnel department of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Buffalo Bills, Ross thinks that Darnold’s value could grow beyond Prescott at some point. 

“Definitely. I think Sam just has more natural playmaking ability than Dak,” Ross said.  

“Maybe not as consistent right now but Dak, to me, is if you need to go win a game, he’s not that caliber quarterback where Sam Darnold has shown flashes of that. And I believe still has potential to be that guy.”