WATCH: Adam Gase marvels at how Jets QB Sam Darnold can 'throw the piss out of the ball'

The Jets coach is enamored with the capabilities of the 22-year-old quarterback
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Adam Gase offered a colorful assessment of Sam Darnold's skills after training camp on Saturday, which was the first time the Jets practiced in pads this summer. 

After Darnold's strong showing in practice, the Jets coach glowed about the offensive possibilities with the promising second-year quarterback. 

"He's 22 years old and can throw the piss out of the ball," Gase said. "It's fun to call plays."

Gase speaks extremely highly of Darnold's maturity level in regards to inspiring the most out of each teammate. 

"Him being comfortable in those situations is going to be so valuable for as an organization," Gase said. "That's the stuff you have to take to become that leader you're looking for. He has natural leadership where he doesn't even try and guys respond to him."

Darnold made a conscious effort throughout the offseason to gel with his teammates and it's paying dividends in practice. 

"I think confidence is a huge asset as a quarterback," Darnold said. "Knowing most of the guys and understanding their personalities. What clicks for most of them and how to talk to some guys and what helps. ... It's about knowing your teammates and how to talk to them."

Darnold's former teammate Josh McCown attended practice on Saturday. The recently retired quarterback is now an analyst for ESPN. With the poise of a seasoned veteran, Darnold playfully brushed off a question about whether he'd mind if McCown offered any criticism on the air.

"Not at all. I mean he'll probably be a lot nicer even if he's critical on TV than he would be in the film room," Darnold said. "Whatever he says won't hurt me at all."

Darnold is eager to master his new coach's system and is confident he'll make marked improvement in Year 2. It begins with ensuring that each day of training camp is better than the last. 

"I'm ready to roll," Darnold said. "I'm excited. I think this team is poised to do great things this year. But it starts one week at a time, one day at a time and that's our mindset right now. For me, I have higher expectations than anyone for myself."