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Anthony Pittman Is Special Teams 'Ace' Learning from Veterans

Linebacker Anthony Pittman is now a member of the Detroit Lions' active roster. Here is a Q&A with Detroit's talented special teams ace.

Linebacker Anthony Pittman was signed to the Lions' active 53-man roster this week. 

Pittman takes the spot that was left void by safety Tracy Walker missing the remainder of the 2022 season, after suffering a torn Achilles. 

Pittman initially joined the Lions as an undrafted free agent in 2019, after playing collegiately at Wayne State.

This season, the 25-year-old has appeared in all three games as a practice-squad elevation. 

Pittman has 21 career tackles, and is a solid special teams contributor. 

On third down, Pittman has been called upon in pass-rushing situations in Aaron Glenn's defensive scheme. 

Here is the conversation that Pittman had with All Lions, following practice this week. 

*Questions and responses have been lightly edited for clarity. 

Q: Before signing with the active roster, what did it mean to be elevated from the practice squad and get opportunities during the first three weeks of the season?

Anthony Pittman: Just taking it day by day and just being grateful for every opportunity to suit up. Whether I’m on the practice squad, active roster, it don’t matter. I’m just grateful, man. Just taking it in slow motion, day by day.

Q: What are your thoughts on your performance three weeks into the season?

Pittman: Just solid so far, I feel. But, I’m challenging myself to stay consistent, not just have three games and let it go fall off now. I want to be consistent throughout the whole year, be a special teams ace that I know I am and then chip in on defense when I’m needed.


Q: What did it mean to you to be called up to the active roster in Week 4 and to have that security?

Pittman: Honestly, it’s not much different. It’s just the same mindset, you know? Just taking it day by day.

Q: What does the addition of Chris Board do for the linebacking corps? And what has he brought as a veteran presence?

Pittman: Being an undrafted guy like myself, I can relate to Board and his journey, how he got here. He’s a great player for us. I try to study how he does in coverage and things like that, and special teams, as well. I go against Board a lot in practice, so he makes me better. That’s for sure.

Q: What abilities does Board have that help the defense?

Pittman: He’s an amazing cover player, if you haven’t seen him. He’s a dog on special teams, and he helps us out also on the base and bully packages playing SAM linebacker. So, he’s versatile like myself, he’s very versatile. And, I kind of relate to him in that sense.

Q: Defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn has described changes to the defensive scheme that allow the linebackers to play faster and with a simpler understanding of what’s going on. Is that accurate?

Pittman: Yeah, it is. I love it, because that’s how I played at Wayne State. Just get downhill, play and run and get TFLs (tackles for loss). So, I love it.

Q: What jumps out on film from what you’ve seen from the Seattle Seahawks?

Pittman: Special teams, on kickoff they do a lot of twists, a lot of stacks. Just a lot of movement. So, we’ve got to shuffle our feet, match ‘em up and see if we can spring a big one like we did last year.

Q: What would a win mean after a tough loss in Week 3?

Pittman: I just want to keep rolling. Know what I mean? Like, get a win, another win, back to back. Just get that confidence and keep it as a team, and really show that we’re really like that.

Q: What were your goals for yourself coming into the 2022 season?

Pittman: Definitely be a special teams ace, a top producer on special teams, have that on lock. Then, on defense, really on third down, be a productive EDGE rusher when I can get out there and rush, as well as SAM linebacker and things like that. Just be a productive player. That’s really it.

Q: What’s one thing about special teams coordinator Dave Fipp that fans may not know about?

Pittman: He used to make beers. I don’t know if Fipp told you guys that. I love Fipp though. I enjoy being his player, and love just listening to him coach every day. I enjoy it, man.