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Damon "Snacks" Harrison: 'I Am Really Just Tired of Hurting'

Damon "Snacks" Harrison was tearful in the locker room following the Lions' 23-20 season-ending loss to the Packers

Damon "Snacks" Harrison struggled to hold back his emotions following an injury-riddled 2019 season. 

He was visibly emotional, and eventually shed tears in the locker room following the Lions' 23-20 season-ending loss to the Packers. 

The toll of playing hurt clearly caught up with Harrison, who had to wipe away tears on several occasions during his talk with reporters.

"My mind is saying yes, but my body is saying no," Harrison said in reference to the possibility of him returning for 2020.

Harrison was clearly bothered this season by his subpar performance, and expressed that the organization deserved better.

"(I) wasn't able to get back to the form that I am used to," Harrison said. "I got too much pride, man. So, if I can't be the player that I am used to being, I think my teammates deserve better, my family deserves better. I never cheated the game a day in my life." 

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When asked about what brought upon the emotions, Harrison replied, "Because my mind is still telling me I could do it, but my body is just not there."

He added, "Nobody is more disappointed about this season and my performance than I am. I am hard on myself. I have given everything to every team I have played for. I don't feel bad if that's the decision (retirement). I got a lot of thinking to do this offseason. I am going to seek some different options and try to figure it out. If I can't be that guy that I want to be, then, I have to hang it up because everybody deserves better."

Harrison's performance in 2019 was clearly affected by numerous injuries.

"Physically, I have been hurting," he said. "It is something new every week. I am really just tired of hurting." 

The defense did not play up to the level that it did in 2018 when Harrison was acquired via trade from the New York Giants.

"If I do walk away, I am not ashamed or feel bad because I gave it everything I had. Even when it was not good enough," Harrison said.