Dan Campbell: 'I Know How To Get Out of This Mess'

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell is prepared to aid his roster get out of the 0-2 hole the team sits in to start the 2021 season.

The Detroit Lions are a retooling football team and have stocked the 2021 roster full of young and inexperienced players.  

Despite the low expectations from many pundits prior to the start of the season, head coach Dan Campbell and his young coaching staff are working to see incremental growth from the roster on a weekly basis. 

Speaking with a Lions team reporter on a recent podcast episode, Campbell noted that he was prepared for however things could have turned out to start the season. 

"I would say that I was prepared to be 2-0. But, I was also prepared to be 0-2 if need be. And that's where we're at," Campbell said. "And that's okay. I mean, it's it's not where we want to be, but I know how to get out of this mess and you just got to go back to work."

After the Lions 35-17 defeat on Monday Night Football, it was far too easy for others to bring up the "same old Lions" description of the 2021 team. 

For Campbell, he does not find it difficult to maintain a positive outlook, and was adamant in his talks with reporters that he wants a roster that can quickly rebound from mistakes and one that does not dwell too long on the past. 

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"I don't think it's difficult. It doesn't taste good and it shouldn't. Nobody likes to lose, but I know this, negativity is going to get you nowhere," Campbell commented. "So, I think they need to know from me that I have solutions and answers and they need to know that those answers, they start with me, but they go to them and they have to be part of the solution, as well. So, let's find ways to play better. Let's look at ourselves and how do I make my own game better that helps my teammate and helps this team, ultimately."

Getting T.J. Hockenson the ball more in creative ways 

Detroit's tight end has certainly lived up to the billing, as Hockenson has emerged as one of the bright spot for Detroit's offense. 

With that said, Campbell still wants quarterback Jared Goff and the offense to find creative ways to get the third-year tight end the ball, since defenses will certainly start to game plan to take away Detroit's best offensive weapon. 

Campbell explained, "We got to find more creative ways to get Hockenson the ball. But, I think we've got to figure out who we can lean on at receiver. Is it (Quintez Cephus) Q? Q's a young guy, he made some plays, and then there were some plays that you want him to win on, but he is growing and getting better. I think, Lif (Kalif Raymond), I think we can get Lif the ball a little bit more."