Dear Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes, Thank You for Not Being Boring!

The Detroit Lions' new coaching staff and front office have brought a refreshing outlook to the organization.
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No question, I love Detroit sports. 

It was the love that spurned me back in 2013 to start a sports podcast with Adam Strozynski, discussing all of the college and pro teams. 

Why I decided to work in the media -- despite having two other careers -- is a story I have shared and will continue to share on all of your favorite podcasts. 

When the opportunity presented itself to cover the Detroit Lions in 2019 as part of the Detroit Sports Podcast Network, needless to say I was elated. 

It represented to me the opportunity to put behind me all of the ignored emails and numerous times of being told that I was "just a podcaster" and to "go work for a real media company."  


It was quite the learning experience trying to figure out what former Lions head coach Matt Patricia and ex-Detroit general manager Bob Quinn were trying to convey in their media sessions. 

To be fair, I credited them on many podcasts for being able to use a myriad of different words without revealing relevant and compelling information. 

I just told myself, "You should be more professional and pay closer attention to these guys." But, quite frankly, I was bored out of my mind. The rambling and the use of each and every form of coach speak imaginable did not keep my attention for all that long. 

Luckily, I was on some sort of "double-secret" probation from the Lions, which dictated that I'd be allowed to visit Allen Park, the home of the team's practice facility, only twice a week.

Once I did get signed by a national media company, I wanted to keep that policy going. I could cover the team from afar and not have to sit through those boring and mundane media sessions. 

Then, the global pandemic hit, and I was afforded the opportunity to listen to the daily rambling from the comforts of my own office. 


You are so lucky 

I am not going to surprise anybody to type that I wasn't disappointed the former regime was dismissed this past season. 

It had become a redundant exercise in listening to media sessions where the questions boiled down to: "Why do you deserve your job?" and "Why does your defense stink?"

When it was announced that Dan Campbell was hired to become Detroit's next head coach, I received numerous messages from colleagues expressing their jealousy. 

"You are jealous of me covering the Detroit Lions," I asked.

Do you know how much patience it takes to cover a losing team? I was trained to be patient, and even my tolerance was waning after covering the same topics over and over. 

My colleagues prepared me. They informed me Campbell was different. They said he was energetic, passionate and as a big surprise to someone just getting started in the media world, quotable. 

The difference is truly night and day. 

When the Lions announced an 8 a.m. EST media session, I was excited. I am generally in my office at 7:30 a.m. most mornings anyways. 

And what transpired, following the early media session, was interesting analysis, debate and conversation among the staff at SI All Lions regarding the upcoming decisions facing the Lions. 

Dan Campbell to appear on "The Pat McAfee Show" Wednesday

To end my day Tuesday reviewing all things related to the Lions, it was nice to find out that Campbell will appear on The Pat McAfee Show on Wednesday. 

Based upon McAfee's track record of interesting guests and unique interviews, it will certainly be a can't miss show.