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Darius Slay 'Cordial' with Ex-Lions Coach Matt Patricia

Ex-Lions head coach Matt Patricia is now working with Philadelphia Eagles.

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Darius Slay and senior defensive assistant Matt Patricia are not likely going to be exchanging Christmas cards anytime soon, but they are co-existing in the "City of Brotherly Love." 

When Patricia was hired by the Lions, he instantly rubbed several members of the roster the wrong way, with his entitled sense of bravado that wasn't earned. 

Early in team meetings, the former Patriots defensive coordinator told Slay that he did not feel he was an elite NFL player and should not be spending time in the offseason working out with All-Pros from other NFL teams. 

In fact, Patricia even went so far to reportedly tell Slay not to overly show love to other top players, but went about delivering the message in an inappropriate manner. 

“He told me in front of the whole team, in the team meeting room, showed clips of me in practice getting a ball caught on me in practice,” Slay has since explained about the 2018 meeting. “I posted a picture (on social media], and Patricia told me, ‘Stop sucking this man’s private.’”

Appearing at former teammate Calvin Johnson's golf outing earlier this week, the talented defensive back expressed that the reunion with Patricia has been respectful and cordial. 

"It’s another day at the office,” Slay said, via the Detroit Free Press. “We both got the same goal, just going out there to compete and win a championship, so that’s the main focus.”

Despite talks of the Eagles wanting to move on from Slay, he signed a two-year, $42 million extension back in March.