What's Left? Lions Have "The Game and Each Other"

John Maakaron

What's the purpose when there is nothing left to play for in terms of team success? 

The Lions are not going to the playoffs, and will likely finish the 2019 season with a worse record than they had last season. 

During Monday's media session, Lions head coach Matt Patricia expressed, "The best thing for us, we told them the two things we got right now is we got the game and we got each other. That is what we are focused on."

Players are aware that each game is a resume-builder, and they will continue to fight hard every week. 

"It’s not difficult for me. I cannot speak for everyone, but it is never difficult for me," Darius Slay said following the Lions' Week 14 loss to the Vikings. 

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Slay added, "Like I said, my film is my resume. I tell my guys that your film is your resume. So if you want a bad resume, then just go out there and do nothing. I have got a name on my back that I represent. My kids watch me, so I have to show them leadership. I have never been a quitter, and I never will be one. I am going to play my hardest, and that’s it. It’s all about my resume."


During Monday's media session, Slay told reporters that is is not difficult to tune out all the negativity surrounding the team since he receives his pay direct deposited on Thursdays. 

"I see that go there every Thursday. Have to check it," Slay said. "It comes at different times. If I knew when it got to my bank, I would set an alarm."

Slay also told reporters Monday that he has blocked over 1,000 people on social media. 

He started blocking people after Week 2 of this season. 

He indicated that he receives more praise on Instagram than on Twitter. 

And if he hits the block button on a negative fan, that fan is blocked forever. 

"IG (Instagram) loves me," Slay said. "Twitter does not love me. We got some people, Jesus. I just hope one day they get in our shoes. Now, I know how LeBron feels."

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