Has Matt Patricia Been "Lionized?"

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John Maakaron

Has it happened? Has Matt Patricia officially been "Lionized?"

It's as synonymous with Lions football as experiencing a food coma is with Thanksgiving Day. 

For years now, Lions coaches have been known to turn into a shell of themselves and become so beaten down from the losing that they cease to display any qualities that made them previously coveted by the organization.

After the Lions' loss to the Bears on Thanksgiving, Detroit Free Press Lions beat writer Dave Birkett wrote, "Matt Patricia looked and sounded like a beaten man." 

One can easily harken back to the long list of Lions coaches before Patricia that have become "Lionized."

From Monte Clark praying on the sideline before a field goal attempt to Bobby Ross screaming, “I don’t coach that stuff," and Jim Caldwell looking befuddled on the sideline time and time again, every Lions coach over time has seemingly fallen victim to it.

Patricia was the defensive coordinator of the New England Patriots, and spent years studying his boss and legendary Patriots head man Bill Belichick. 

Each press conference is a constant reminder of the homage he pays to his mentor. 

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 

Everything has been imitated. 

From interactions with the media to the "Patriot Way" culture being instilled throughout the Lions' Allen Park practice facility, Detroit has become the New England of the Midwest. 

What has yet to be imitated, though, is the ability to adapt to anything. 

New England loses franchise passer Tom Brady for a season due to injury. No problem. It still wins 10-plus games with a career backup under center -- i.e. Matt Cassel in 2008. 

Star players are brought in to New England one week and cut the next. No problem. The winning tradition carries on. 

Here in Detroit, Patricia has continued to blame the penalties for the Lions' losing ways.  

On numerous occasions, he has stated that penalties are hurting his team's chances of winning. 

Yet, they don't get corrected. 

At this point, I would suggest that he stops bringing up the penalties as a reason for the losses piling up. 

Focusing on the Lions' consistently poor execution and erroneous fundamentals may be a better way to go. 

At this juncture in the season, Patricia does indeed appear to be worn down by the constant losing, the lack of positive returns from the hard work he's put in and the constant chatter about his tenure in Motown being a complete and utter disaster. 

No adjustments have been made. Week after week, the same issues are on display. 

It begs the question: Has Matt Patricia been Lionized?

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No MP has not been lionized. He's just not HC material. Quite frankly I'm not even sure he'd be hired as a DC in the NFL. His D always gives up tons of yards, and the Patriots D got better immediately after he left. MP was just a phony over-hyped rocket scientist defensive guru. He came in with an ego larger than his gut.