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Jamaal Williams Shares Secret of Buying Elusive Playstation 5

Jamaal Williams explained to reporters how he purchased his Playstation 5 video game console.

It feels like the most elusive product on the market, especially for those who love video games. 

Finding a Playstation 5 has become so daunting, individuals looking to score the prized video game console spend hours on store websites, scouring the internet for store announcements or restock posts in order to get online as soon as possible. 

For Detroit Lions running back Jamaal Williams, playing anime games on his new video game console has brought him joy after a long day of practice at the team's Allen Park practice facility. 

"They ain't going to give me nothing for this, but I bought it from Walmart, online. And it came. I for sure thought it wasn't going to come. Somebody would steal it or something, but it came," Williams shared. "It wasn't hard. That's just because people don't want to pay the price. Everybody wants to be cheap. I get it. I get it. You want that 'good price' but sometimes you have to do what you want for that higher (priced) stuff. Trust me, I paid for it. I didn't pay them low costs. You got them deals, I don't got one of those. I paid like a legit adult. One hundred percent of the price tag. That's what I do."

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