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Jared Goff Admitted 'Complete Lapse of Judgement' against Bengals

Quarterback Jared Goff made several more errors in the Detroit Lions 34-11 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Quarterback Jared Goff, along with the entire Detroit Lions' offense, have struggled to execute over the past four weeks. 

Against the Cincinnati Bengals, in a matchup where scoring points was imperative for success, Goff and the offense fell flat.  

Missed assignments, penalties and miscommunication derailed any chance the offense had of ever gaining momentum. 

In fact, Detroit's offense has now gone four games without scoring a first half touchdown. 

Following the loss, Detroit's new signal-caller was asked about a fourth down play that curiously ended up with the Bengals taking over possession.  

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At first, Goff could not immediately recall what play was being asked about. After the reporter explained the circumstances, details of the error were revealed. 

Goff admitted he committed a mental error on that particular play, believing that the holding penalty against left tackle Penei Sewell would still allow the Lions an opportunity to punt. 

Instead, the Bengals just declined the penalty, after Goff tossed the football out of bounds, and took over possession with solid field position. 

“I saw the holding call and had a complete lapse of judgment of, ‘Okay, they’re gonna bring this ball back, we’re going to punt it anyways,’” Goff explained when asked about the details of the fourth down play. “And obviously, we need a positive gain for that to happen, for them to accept the penalty and for us to move back. But when I saw the holding call in the middle of the play, I figured it would be accepted, which it wouldn’t be if I throw an incomplete pass. So that was on me, just kind of thinking through that one the wrong way.”