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Despite Undersized Label, Amik Robertson Brings Swagger, Confidence

New Lions cornerback ready to help team get to next level.

New Detroit Lions cornerback Amik Robertson is admittedly not the tallest defensive back in the NFL

Despite being labeled as undersized by some, the talented defensive back possesses the intangibles on the field that should give him every opportunity to succeed in Motown. 

When asked by local reporters via video conference what about the Lions made the team a desirable destination, Robertson noticed the swagger of the head coach and the energy Detroit's defense constantly played with last season. 

"The swagger. The grit, the energy," Robertson said. "I thought the defense played, most importantly, with the swagger and energy that Coach Dan (Campbell), how he coaches. That's what you look for in the coaching."

After a rocky start to his career, Robertson has improved at several aspects of playing the cornerback position. 

"I came in as a rookie. I was ready to play, but I wasn't prepared to play. So I kind of had a slow start," Robertson said. "A lot of fans from the Raiders organization kind of looked at me as, 'Oh, whatever, whatever.' But, when I finally found myself, the game slowed down. I had to build that trust back. 

"After three or four  years, I had to build the trust back from that fan base. Now, coming into the Lions organization, I know what to expect, and I know what I have to do," Robertson continued. "The fans, the organization, with Detroit, you guys are welcome to meet me with open arms. I just want to show you guys that this was not a mistake. And y'all got your guy. I'm a guy that's going to give y'all everything I got."

Robertson did not disclose what the team told him his actual role would be, but indicated his mindset will allow him to succeed, irregardless of where he plays. 

"God has blessed me with some ability," said Robertson. "Unfortunately, he didn't blessed me with the height. Whatever, whatever, I wish I was taller. But, he blessed me with other things -- with mindset, swagger, talent, quickness.

"I just try to keep that mindset, man. So most importantly, playing on the outside, playing corner, DB period, it's the mind," said Robertson "And most important, like I'm constantly saying, you gotta have that swagger. You gotta always walk with swagger. You gotta talk with swagger. You gotta put your pads on with the swagger. That's just me. That's just who I am."