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First-Round Draft Predictions for Detroit Lions

Here is who the staff writers believe the Detroit Lions will select in the first-round of the 2021 NFL Draft

It's time to predict what the Detroit Lions will accomplish in the first-round of the 2021 NFL Draft. 

Here is what our staff writers believe will occur on the first night of the draft. 

Christian Booher

I believe that the first three teams in the draft will all take quarterbacks. 

After that, all bets are off. I feel that Trey Lance could be a perfect fit for Atlanta at four and that the Falcons will snag their quarterback of the future. 

At No. 5, Cincinnati likely selects Penei Sewell and the Dolphins land Kyle Pitts, leaving Detroit to snag play-making wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase to kickstart the offensive rebuild. 

Vito Chirco 

The Lions' likely top three targets -- Oregon offensive tackle Penei Sewell, Florida tight end Kyle Pitts and LSU wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase -- all end up off the board once Detroit's first-round selection rolls around at No. 7 overall. Subsequently, first-year Lions general manager Brad Holmes opts to upgrade the team's receivers room and settles in on Alabama wideout Jaylen Waddle with the pick.

Daniel Kelly 

When the Detroit Lions are on the clock at No. 7, I am predicting that left tackle Rashawn Slater, from Northwestern, will be the pick. 

He demonstrates elite pass-protection skills and the ability to run block. 

His versatility displayed in college could allow for the Lions to play him at either tackle position when needed. 


Logan Lamorandier 

The Lions are one of the true wildcards in this draft. If I absolutely had to bet on how the Lions' draft night will play out, I would put my money on offensive tackle Penei Sewell landing in Detroit. Yes, there is a good chance Sewell will be gone by pick No. 7. But, there is also a possibility that quarterbacks fly off the board early and that the top pass-catchers are all selected before Sewell, ultimately pushing him down to the Lions. 


Adam Strozynski 

My pick is Northwestern offensive tackle Rashawn Slater. 

If the Lions can't trade out of the No. 7 pick, it will be because there are two QBs on the board and because the No. 1 WR and OT will be gone. You are starting a new regime and offensive tackle is a safe position. It allows you flexibility, if Slater fails outside -- on the right or left side. And, if Slater does fail, he'll be moved to guard. If the Lions were to take Slater, the offensive line would beset for the next five years. 

John Maakaron

I want the Lions to trade down to secure additional draft capital. If they are forced to stay at No. 7, I have a hard time seeing Sewell, Chase or Pitts being there for Detroit to select. In that scenario, it has to be offensive tackle Rashawn Slater. 

But, when Brad Holmes works his magic and gets the Lions more draft picks, linebacker Micah Parsons at No. 15 is the perfect choice to begin the rebuild of the defense. The Patriots are desperate for a quarterback, and will make the Lions an offer they can't refuse for Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields.