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Lions Fans React to Alternate Helmet Tease

The Lions are set to reveal their new alternative helmet this week.

The Detroit Lions posted on their social media Twitter page the expected date of when their new alternate helmet will be released. 

It is expected that the new-look, alternative helmet will be revealed on Wednesday, June 21. 

The NFL will allow any team to don an alternate helmet in 2023, but they cannot add a new logo and a logo from the team's history must be featured.  

Back in February, Detroit president Rod Wood expressed that a new uniform would be designed, likely for the 2024 season. 

"There will not be new uniforms in 2023," Wood said, via the Detroit Free Press. "I know people get over their skis on that. It takes really two years to really get it going, so Brian and a team have been kind of working with Nike, looking at uniforms that will probably be for 2024. It could be an interesting overhaul of the uniforms."

Despite not having new uniforms, Wood noted, "We will have a new alternative helmet though this year. We didn’t do that (last year)."

There were 14 NFL teams that donned new alternate helmets in 2022. 

"We take the logos off, so I guess you maybe have three helmets because you have the traditional, then you take the logos off for the throwback, then we’ll have that for the grays," Wood explained. "And then in 2024, we might have some additional uniforms, alternate, that we can wear it with."

Supporters took to social to share their owns renditions of the alternate helmet and to express excitement at the tease posted online. 

Here is a sample of the reaction online to the alternate helmet tease.