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Jerry Jacobs: You Can Be NFL Starter Any Day

Jerry Jacobs shares an update on his injury rehab, and recapped his 2021 season.

The Detroit Lions' coaching staff and front office are not afraid of showcasing the talents of younger, inexperienced players on their roster. 

Cornerback Jerry Jacobs recently shared what it was like to earn the nod to start for the first time against the Minnesota Vikings. Also, he explained how he handled the ups and downs of his debut season in the National Football League. 

"Coach Campbell and Brad Holmes and (Aubrey) Pleasant and (Aaron) Glenn -- they really don't care about that rookie (status) and what's your name. They are going to throw you out there. If you can play, then you can play," Jacobs told the Detroit Lions podcast

Whether it be out of necessity or part of a larger plan, several undrafted rookie free agents gained valuable experience playing in Detroit this season. 

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“It’s a combination of what our process is for undrafted free agents, which I do believe we have a very unique, collaborative and thorough process on that front. So, that’s the first part, but after we acquire them, it’s what we were talking about earlier about Dan (Campbell) and I’s vision, our plan on player development and how we view it and how we’re not scared to let young guys play -- we’re just not," Holmes told reporters last week. "I think I’ve said it to you guys before -- you just can’t be on the driving range all day. You’ve just got to go out there and play. So, that’s what we do. So, there’s kind of two parts of it; it’s the process before we acquire them, which we do acquire and then feel good about it. Then, it’s the process of after we have acquired them, what’s the plan for success? And, we have a good plan for that, as well.”

Despite the perception the team will go out and stock the roster with more talent, Holmes reiterated the team will continue to showcase young talent like Jacobs moving forward. 

“It’s not going to change. I don’t see that changing. In my opinion, it’s proven," Holmes said. "We’re big on evolution and evolving our process, always. But, I’m saying all that -- it’s only going to get better, in terms of what our process was to acquiring those kind of guys. And, hats off; I love what those guys did, and it’s going to bode well for them with this upcoming year. But, that’s not going to stop our process.”

Also featured on the podcast was an in-depth conversation with Senior Bowl executive director Jim Nagy.