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'Premier Threat': Lions React to Jameson Williams' Debut

The Detroit Lions are excited to watch Jameson Williams develop.
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Rookie wideout Jameson Williams played eight total snaps in his debut for the Detroit Lions. 

The crowd at Ford Field was at a fever pitch, even chanting for the 2022 No. 12 overall pick to play more in the fourth quarter. 

Despite not securing his first career reception, Williams' teammates expressed excitement postgame about his future, and his potential to eventually become the team's No. 1 offensive target. 

Detroit Lions wideout Jameson Williams

“He just started practicing, you know? And, to see him already on the field is great. Like I told him, it’s way more coming. And, when it comes, it’s going to be explosive," DJ Chark said. “I know for a fact, once you get into your rhythm, it’s hard to be stopped, and he’s that type of player. So, once we can implement him in more, it only helps the rest of us. When we have games like this, and then you add him into the mix, it’s kind of like, who are you going to guard?”

On Sunday against the Jaguars, the young wideout was only targeted once. 

Quarterback Jared Goff attempted to connect with Williams deep along the sideline, but the pass did not have much of a chance of being completed, as the coverage was solid.

“Had the one shot on the go-ball, wish I could connect it. But, it was good to get a rep with him there," Goff explained. "Yeah, it’ll progress from here. It’ll be more probably next week. How much, I don’t know, but make sure he’s dialed in on his packages, and he’ll do a great job.

“He’s, as you said, a thoroughbred. A guy that, as good as we are at receiver right now, and the health we have, can add to that group and make it even more explosive.”

Dan Campbell expressed the goal was for Williams to get acclimated in his first game, and it is expected he will get more reps and targets against the Vikings. 

“He looks healthy, he feels healthy, he looks great. I think as a rookie, he’s going to want to come out and light the world on fire, as we all do want him to. But, he’s going to have his plays that he’s going to know and he’s going to be good at, and we’re going to roll with him on those, whatever that may be," said Goff. "I just don’t want you guys to set expectations so high. He’s a rookie. He hasn’t had any reps, and as time goes, he will be 'That Guy.' He really will be.

“He’s got everything it takes to be 'That Guy,' that premier threat in this league. And, I’m excited to watch him grow into that.”