Video: Matt Patricia Accepts Responsibility for Defensive Line Struggles

John Maakaron

In Friday's media session, Matt Patricia was asked about the struggles of the defensive line this season.

Through five games, the Lions' defensive rankings are in the bottom third of the league in several categories. 

Patricia was asked about the lack of pressure defensively and opponents being able to run the ball effectively against the defense.

“I think in the run game, defensively everyone takes responsibility for that. All of us, and certainly me as a coach, it’ll start with me. I have to coach it better, which we’re trying to do, and trying to teach the techniques and get everybody on the same page," Patricia replied. 

"Run defense is all about fits. It’s all about everybody doing their assignment, doing their job, and doing it with good pad level and good technique. We haven’t performed well enough in that area, certainly. We all understand we need to get better there, and that it’s a collective group effort for all of us."

Being that the Lions played on Monday Night Football and practicing without pads, Patricia discussed the challenges of preparing for the Vikings rushing attack. 

"Unfortunately this week without being able to put the pads on and take a really good look at it – especially Minnesota’s run game with the way that they stretch the ball, and then they stretch and cut in the style that they run the ball. It’s very difficult to simulate in practice in general, and then to not be able to do that with equipment on is even harder. You just have to continually try to get the right looks in practice and get the right technique and all of that, and everybody just trying to do it a little bit better from that aspect.” 

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