Matt Patricia Explains the Biggest Reason Lions are Struggling

John Maakaron

The Lions have lost six consecutive games and in three weeks, another season will end without significant goals being achieved.

In fact, the team took a major step backwards in the last 12 months. No division title. No home playoff game. Analysts, pundits and fans are strongly criticizing players, coaches and upper management.

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On Monday, Matt Patricia was asked what the biggest issue was affecting the team's performance this season.

“I think one of the biggest things we’ve talked about all year on a micro level, and also a macro level, is just some inconsistencies,” Patricia said. “I think that’s true all the way across the board.

Patricia added, “I think there are things that we try to fix each week, and those problems that we’ve identified, and we put a lot of attention to those things. We go out, and we do pretty well at those issues, and then maybe three weeks later we’ll lose sight of it and they’ll come back up. We can’t lose sight of these things that we fixed and they have to carry over week-by-week."

“Some of that has to do with just making sure that from a routine standpoint we’re staying consistent and then we build on that routine as we go through the season from that accord.”

Despite all the scrutiny, negativity and noise surrounding Patricia about his future, he is steadfast in his plan to take things week-by-week.

"No doubt. That’s just kind of the way I’m wired," he said. "It’s kind of the way that I think I’ve been raised in the NFL game. Honestly, whether you’re on either side of the wins and losses column, you do the same thing. It’s really the same sort of mentality."

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