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Mike Greenberg: Packers Are Better, Lions 'Missed Their Window'

ESPN analyst has bold opinion of Detroit Lions.

The Detroit Lions are a team many could consider legitimate contenders to land in the Super Bowl in 2024. 

After blowing a second-half lead against the San Francisco 49ers, the organization is seeking to take the sting out of one of the most bitter losses in recent memory. 

Naturally, the expectation is that Dan Campbell, who recently secured a four-year contract extension, will lead his team to the Super Bowl, which is being held in New Orleans this year. 

ESPN host Mike Greenberg expressed a different point of view recently, declaring that the Lions have "missed their window".

"I think they missed their window. I think their shot to win the championship was last year," Greenberg said this week. "I think they're getting surpassed in their own division. I think Green Bay is now better than them."

While Detroit is on an upward trajectory as an organization, Greenberg points out that several NFL teams have been close to winning, only to struggle getting back to the same level of success. 

Greenberg explained, "How about when Buffalo lost that game with 0:13 left against Kansas City. Well, that was a heartbreaking loss. But, you know, they'll be back. They'll clearly take that one more step. How's that worked out? Cincinnati in that Super Bowl against the Rams. 'Oh, look, how close they've come. Look how good their young quarterback is. Oh, they'll certainly be back.' How's that worked out? 

"I'm old enough to remember Dan Marino getting to the Super Bowl against Joe Montana, his second year in the NFL. Set the world on fire. Oh, Marino, the first of what will unquestionably be five Super Bowl appearances. Never got back. You miss that chance. You miss that chance. Green Bay is going to be better than Detroit next year."