Following the Lions' 31-26 victory over the Giants Sunday, the discussion centered on the Lions' improved defense, the ending of their three-game losing streak and the big plays executed on offense.

Here are some notable quotes from Sunday's Giants-Lions game:

Lions head coach Matt Patricia  

On how proud he is of the defense's performance: "It’s never really perfect. We just try to be right. And the more we can be right together, then, the better off we’re going to be. (I’m) really proud of some of the effort out there. I thought it was really good. I’m always proud of those guys the way they work, to be honest with you. There were some pretty big plays out there, pretty big moments. And I thought ... we always talk about trying to stay in the moment, not thinking about what’s the next thing, what’s going to happen and (we) do all of that. I thought the guys did a good job of that. That’s the biggest thing for us. Just play that play in that moment. And for the most part, I thought we were pretty good.”

On if the Lions put more pressure on Daniel Jones because of changes to the defensive scheme: “I think it was just probably a little bit more pronounced. I think some of those calls have been made previously and maybe not noticed from that aspect of it. Really just the normal aspect of it. Just glad that we executed, to be honest with you. I thought we got a couple of looks that we wanted to get, and we were able to execute them at that standpoint.”

QB Matthew Stafford 

On if the fourth-quarter misdirection touchdown play worked in practice: “Yeah, it did twice. We have to give that guy the hockey assist or something. He was the pass before the pass that scored. No, that was a good one. It was a great call. Obviously, Kenny (Golladay) did a great job. J.D. (McKissic) did a great job. So, I’m just happy it scored.”

On why the fourth-quarter trick play touchdown worked: “Just an aggressive run set. Some safeties that like to play downhill, those guys were aggressive players. Kenny (Golladay) did a nice job of sneaking behind him, and obviously, just dug in. And I put it out there far enough for him to score.”

On Lions offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell making bold play calls at the end of games: “I think if we went out there and did it in practice and (if it) looked terrible, we wouldn’t do it. But he had a lot of confidence in it because we executed it a couple times in practice. Same with the Green Bay play a couple weeks ago. (It) looked good. I just like that he’s willing to try those things, put them in. If we execute them and they look good, then, he has confidence to go out there -- just like any play -- and call it during the game. Obviously, we got to a good spot on the field to call it, and got a little bang for our buck and scored.”

DE Trey Flowers

On recording sacks today against the Giants: “Obviously, you work hard throughout the week. Me, I just want to make big plays for my teammates to put them in a position to win. And like you said, it’s a lot of guys out there that are doing their job and things like that. (Credit) to the defense on those plays that allowed me to be able to get back there. And I just made the play when it came to me. There are a lot of guys on this defense that are capable of doing it, and we’re just going to continue to work.”

DT Damon "Snacks" Harrison

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On his injury status: “I’ll go in and see the doctors. I’ll know more this week. I’m fine.”

On the defense taking steps forward this week: “I think we did well enough to win. There’s still some stuff in there we’ve got to improve on. We’ll get in tomorrow, and look at the film and try to correct it.”

LB Devon Kennard

On if he should change his nickname to ‘scoop and score’: “Yeah, I guess so. I think I need to do it a couple more times to actually get that nickname, though.”

On scoring the opening touchdown and winning the game after three straight losses: “Yeah, it was a lot of fun. It was my first time scoring since high school. So, touching the paint and getting in the end zone was a lot of fun for me.”

WR Kenny Golladay

On his first touchdown of day: “The defender tried to undercut it. So, I pretty much just had to do just hands it and not really let it get too close to him. I just snatched it away, quick turn and made sure both feet were in.”

On his second TD reception and if he had to sell anything: “A little run fake. Once I saw the safety shoot, I just took off.”

WR Danny Amendola 

On his rapport with Stafford: “He’s a great quarterback. I love playing with Matthew. He’s the leader of our team, and he had a great day today. I know he’s excited for the win.”

On the confidence he has in the offense: “We are going to continue to grow with whatever we put out there on the field. We can get better with the plays that we hit on and some of the plays we didn’t. So, we are going to continue to grow and continue to get better.”

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