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The Lions' fanbase has been "Lionized" yet again, after general manager Bob Quinn & Co. decided to stand pat at the 2019 NFL trade deadline. 

The organization could've sold off pieces, such as cornerback Darius Slay, or added major contributors, such as Le'Veon Bell from the New York Jets or Melvin Gordon from the Los Angeles Chargers, in an attempt to win now. 

However, Quinn & Co. did neither, and disappointed Lions fans in the process.      

It should come as no surprise to Lions fans that have watched the team fail to operate in the fashion of a winning organization for multiple decades now.

Sitting at 3-3-1, the Lions had a choice to make: Go all-in to win now or sell off pieces to improve the squad's chances of being relevant in future seasons. 

In total Lions fashion, they decided to do neither.

Reportedly, they put an offer in for Broncos veteran cornerback C.J. Harris Jr. before the deadline. 

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The offer wasn't good enough to land the four-time Pro Bowler, though.

If Quinn & Co. really had wanted to acquire the one-time All-Pro, they should've ponied up and offered the Broncos a third-round pick.

It not only would've excited the Lions fanbase, but it also and most importantly, would've been the right move for the organization to make.

But just like countless times in the past, the organization failed to do the right thing. 

Get used to much of the same moving forward, too, Lions fans. Nothing's changing as long as Quinn's in charge.  

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