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What Analysts Said about Lions Drafting D'Andre Swift

Find out what the ESPN analysts had to say about Lions' pick at No. 35

After weeks of anticipation, the 2020 NFL Draft finally kicked off last night, and went just about as planned.

The Lions took former Ohio State cornerback Jeff Okudah at No. 3 overall, and filled an important defensive need for 2020.

In the second round, things got a little more interesting for Detroit.

With the No. 35 overall pick, the Lions selected former Georgia running back D’Andre Swift.

Here’s what the analysts had to say about the move.


Trey Wingo: “Okay this is an interesting pick, here because D’Andre Swift here is a guy who can do a lot of things out of the backfield and waited his time at Georgia behind a lot of good runners like Nick Chubb and Sony Michel.”

“But, he is a dude who still contributed a lot and by the way, his average of 6.56 yards per rush in his career broke Todd Gurley’s school record and what does his high school coach have to say about it him? He said ‘God got up one morning and decided to make a great running back and then he gave him a great name’.”

“D’Andre Swift is trying to turn something around, Detroit has finished in the bottom half of the league in rushing in each of the 21 seasons since Barry Sanders retired. That’s why the Quinn’s are happy, they think they’ll be able to turn that streak around."

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Mel Kiper Jr.: "Matthew Stafford is gonna love D'Andre Swift, I watched him against Florida stone a linebacker in a pass rush situation, coming up the middle and allowing Jake Fromm to complete a key third down see his running style and he is very athletic, he catches the ball out of the backfield, as you said, a complete running back. You talk about blocking, catching, running and ball security as well and he will work hard to improve in all areas. This kid is a kid who loves to play the game and he only had 440 carries at Georgia. Not much tread on those tires, coming into the NFL to the Detroit Lions for D'Andre Swift."

Booger McFarland: “Simply put Trey, this guy is a three-down running back and he comes from an NFL style of running game down in Georgia so he understands how to set his blocks up, how to be patient and burst through the line of scrimmage. No mistake about it, what he does best is in the passing game. You talk about a running back who understands how to run the angle routes, how to get out and set up screens, and do things in the passing game. You pair him with Kerryon Johnson who is already in Detroit, now they have a 1-2 punch, a pounder and a third down back who can also run the football and do it all, gonna be a lot, love this pick for the Lions." 

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