Will Harris and Jarrad Davis Must Take Backseat on Defense

John Maakaron

Safety Will Harris and linebacker Jarrad Davis simply won't aid Detroit's defense in turning things around. 

Yet, Lions head coach Matt Patricia and the coaching staff continue to put faith in players that will let them down time and time again.

Safety Tracy Walker has emerged as one of the more reliable defensive backs Detroit has had on the roster.

To start the 2020 season, Harris has started over Walker, and even had 10 more snaps than Walker on Sunday.

Harris committed two personal fouls on a Green Bay possession late in the first half. 

Just handing Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' offense 30 yards is inexcusable. 

Green Bay immediately took advantage, and took the lead for good when Rodgers found tight end Robert Tonyan for the score with 19 seconds remaining in the first half.

“I got all the confidence in the world in these guys. We just got to go out and do it," Patricia said after the game. "We got to stop doing things that hurt our team and hurt us and just make sure that we’re going to execute at a high level, coach and play well."

Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia addresses linebackers © Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports

Davis continues to display on a weekly basis why he is among the lowest-rated linebackers in the NFL.

Green Bay predictably attacked Detroit’s linebackers regularly, and was able to collectively rush for 259 yards in its 42-21 victory.

To open the second half, Davis and Jamie Collins were brushed aside on Aaron Jones’ 75-yard touchdown run, which extended the Packers' lead to 24-14.

"Obviously, we have a lot of work to do and we have to be consistent in what we're doing," Patricia said. "We have to get it coached up better and understand the techniques and improve all the way around.

"It's early in the year, but it still has to be good. We have to do a better job in what we're doing right now."

Patricia & Co. may continue to preach executing better, but it is time to start drastically reducing the snap counts of players that won't be part of the solution.

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The Lions fell for the Art Howe effect (read or watch Moneyball) by hiring Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia. In Moneyball, GM Billy Beane was the real architect behind the Oakland A's amazing 20 game win streak and playoff run in 2002. Beane had Howe play the role of the adult manager to lead the young players, but he didn't have a clue and certainly did not understand the underlying strategy and tactics of Beane. The following year another one of my teams (oi vey), the NY Mets, hired Howe as manager thinking they got a great leader of the the A's winning ways. Instead the Mets got a disaster. And likewise the Lions hired Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia thinking they were getting Belichick. Quinn was a guy who was a personnel manager with a spreadsheet and the Lions were thinking he was part of the genius behind the Patriots winning ways. Quinn never made selections or moves without Belichick's lead and direction. Quinn was a glorified spreadsheet massager given credit for drafting players just as Patricia was given credit for the Patriots defense even though he was handed great players, excellent coaches -- all under leadership from Belichick. Both these guys alone, or together, are waaaaayyyy over their head. They were hired to fill jobs above their abilities and so the the Lions have lost 11 games as a result. But they aren't the real problem. Before Quinn and Patricia, the Lions had hired Matt Millen, another guy way over his head. So even if Quinn and Patricia are fired, the problem remains: the Lions top management hasn't a clue about managing success and hiring the right people. They keep hiring people with "promise" but no actual ability to bring success.
Us Lion fans are doomed unless the gods offer us a reprieve or the Fords sell the Lions to a smart person.


It's time for Quinn and Patricia to go!!! Let Bevells take over as Interm until the end of the season. It's time for change.


Quinn and Patricia has to go!!! Let Bevells take over as Interm. It's time.


Why do Quinn and Patricia still have a job?


Really? Harris got more snaps than Walker - How is that even possible


Quinn should cut them just out of principle and to send a message


Along with them, it’s time to fire Patricia