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Podcast: How Much Did Lions Improve?

Examining the Lions 2024 roster after free agency.

The Detroit Lions have made some critical decisions in the first week of free agency. 

From the 2023 roster, left guard Jonah Jackson and safety Ceedy Duce have accepted lucrative offers to join others teams. 

The latest All Lions "Bang The Table" podcast recaps free agency, the impact of losing key contributors, and examines if the team improved enough to thwart the efforts of the Green Bay Packers to win the NFC North. 

"He didn't back up his talk. He didn't back up all the trash-talking. He wore the ski mask, was humiliated. Well, got hurt against the Seahawks in Week 2, missed the majority of the rest of the regular season. Only played in the season finale a little bit and then played in the postseason," All Lions writer Vito Chirco said of Ceedy Duce. "Was miserable in the NFC Championship Game against Deebo Samuel, the guy he was trash-talking all year long. He was like, 'I'm better than you. I'm going to go out there and beat you head-to-head. He got annihilated in that game. Couldn't tackle a soul to save his life. He was that bad in that NFC title game, too, against the 'Niners.

"So, that was the last taste of anything we got out of C.J. Gardner-Johnson in a Lions uni. It was horrible. He went out on that note, a hugely sour note. So, for the Lions not to re-sign him, I don't care at all. Good riddance. Adios, amigo. They don't need him."

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