Poll: Should the Lions Bring Back LB Kyle Van Noy?

John Maakaron

Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy is set to cash in when he becomes an unrestricted free agent this offseason. It would surely cost the Lions a pretty penny to correct a mistake. 

The Detroit Lions selected linebacker Kyle Van Noy with their 40th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. 

Like many others who have come to Detroit, Van Noy did not live up to expectations. Many have reported that his skills were not utilized properly while playing in Detroit. 

Coming out of college, he was viewed as an elite pass rusher. In 30 games with Detroit, he unfortunately only recorded one sack. The Lions moved on from him and traded him to the Patriots in 2016, where he has blossomed and has been an integral part of New England's defense. 

Van Noy has grown into his role on a Patriots defense that is performing at a much higher level than Detroit's. This season, Van Noy has three forced fumbles, three run stuffs, two fumble recoveries and three batted passes. He has also shined in pass coverage.

Should the Detroit Lions target Van Noy in the offseason, even though it would cost a fortune?

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The Lions drafted Van Noy and had him while he was young... he's older now and has lost more-than-a-step in pass coverage... leave him in New England and draft and develop the NEXT Kyle Van Noy... besides, they have talent at LB already. They need BETTER COACHING.