Watch: Huber’s Packers-Eagles takeaways

Bill Huber

Over the last three games, the Packers have allowed 174.3 rushing yards per game. Up next, it’s Dallas’ Ezekiel Elliott. What other troubling sign cropped up on defense? And what was one positive?

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I can't see this video from the browser I typically use, Firefox. Also, it is eliminating the ability to make comments after your entries, Bill. I don't see who to tell at, so you may wish to pass that on.

Right now, I'm using Torch, built on Chromium. (I try to avoid what I can of Google; they are pretty much, Evil Corp. They helped Communist China build their censorship and social credit systems, not to mention what they do here and elsewhere.)


OK, I see. I had "Privacy Badger" running in Firefox, left over from an earlier version of the latter. After disabling that, now I can see the glorious video and make humble comments -- in addition to being delighted by the SI revenue producing ads. Yay, Authentic Brands Group and Maven.

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