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Getsy on Rodgers: ‘This Guy Is Extremely Motivated’

If Aaron Rodgers is ticked about the selection of Jordan Love, it apparently hasn't shown up in the virtual offseason.

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Aaron Rodgers’ reaction to the Green Bay Packers’ selection of Jordan Love in the first round of the draft was a lot like yours.

“I think the general reaction at first was surprise like many people,” Rodgers said during a conference call with Packers beat reporters on May 15. “You know, obviously, I’m not going to say that I was thrilled by the pick necessarily. But I understand. The organization is thinking not only about the present but about the future. And I respect that.”

While Rodgers acknowledged the selection of Love could force him to finish his career with another team, he also said he was “excited” to work with the rookie. Only Rodgers knows if he’s truly excited to work with the man presumably drafted to replace him but, according to quarterbacks coach/passing-game coordinator Luke Getsy, Rodgers has taken a business-as-usual approach to the team’s virtual offseason.

“Nothing has changed,” Getsy said in a Zoom call this week. “This guy is extremely motivated. His input through this offseason has maybe been the best I’ve been around, to be honest with you. We’ve included him in so much and we needed him to be included in so much. He’s been huge. He’s clarified things for us; we’ve clarified things for him. I feel like there’s no question that we’re moving into this summer with our staff being on the same page with him as good as I’ve ever been with him.”



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Being on the same page and building on the sporadic offensive success from last season will be critical in heading into Year 2 with Rodgers in Matt LaFleur’s offense. That’s because, statistically speaking, Rodgers made little progress last year. In 2018, in the final year running former coach Mike McCarthy’s scheme, Rodgers posted a passer rating of 97.6. Last year with LaFleur, as enthused as he was about the changes, Rodgers’ rating actually dipped to 95.4. He had three games of 100-plus passer ratings in the first half of the season but only one in the second half.

If Green Bay’s offense is going to take a significant step forward after ranking just 15th in scoring, it will be up to Rodgers after Gutekunst used his first-round pick on a quarterback rather than providing help on the perimeter.

“I think he’s in a great place,” Getsy said. “He’s always been a great teammate the entire time I’ve been around him – not just a good teammate, he’s been a great teammate. I know once you’re actually in the same room, I know Aaron’s going to be the best teammate to Jordan and anybody else. I don’t have any doubt about that part of it. He’s been great. He’s excited to get going in the fall. He grinded through this offseason with us. We got a lot accomplished in this unique style. I’m looking forward to applying it once we get together.”