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Packers Reach Compromise Extension With Love

According to a source, the Green Bay Packers and Jordan Love agreed to a contract extension through 2024 that includes a "big raise" for 2023.
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GREEN BAY, Wis. – Rather than trigger the fifth-year option on Jordan Love by the Tuesday deadline, the Green Bay Packers and their new starting quarterback agreed to a contract extension.

Either way, Love would be contractually tied to Green Bay through the 2024 season. This, however, is a compromise.

The fifth-year option for 2024 would have been a fully guaranteed $20.272 million. The extension contains more money – up to $22.5 million, according to’s Adam Schefter and NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero – but with $13.5 million guaranteed.

While not talking in specifics, a source told Packer Central that Love received a “big raise” for 2023 as part of the deal. He was due to make a base salary of about $2.3 million.

From Love’s perspective, it’s a win with more money for the upcoming season. From the team’s perspective, it’s a win because it alleviates the risk of being on that rather large fifth-year guarantee should he struggle in 2023 and they choose to draft his successor in 2024.

“We’re kind of still working through that,” general manager Brian Gutekunst said at the conclusion of the 2023 NFL Draft on Saturday. “We’ve been so focused on the draft. We’ve had some preliminary conversations, but we’ll get to that before Tuesday.”

Asked if there was a reason not to pick up the option, Gutekunst said, “It’s a lot of money for a guy who hasn’t played but, at the same time, obviously we’re moving forward with him.”

The extension comes with an added benefit. Love already will be facing an enormous amount of pressure in replacing NFL legend Aaron Rodgers, a four-time MVP during his 15 seasons as the starter. Had the Packers simply let Love play out his final season under contract, he would have faced the dual pressure of replacing Rodgers and playing for a contract. Now, at least, there’s a short-term contract.

Perhaps worth recalling: When Rodgers replaced Brett Favre in 2008, first-round picks played under five-year contracts rather than four years with an option. Halfway through his debut season, Rodgers received a six-year contract extension. If Love shows Rodgers-like promise midway through the 2023 season, Love also could be given a long-term extension.

In what could be a related note, the Packers restructured safety Darnell Savage’s contract to create almost $5.5 million of cap space, according to’s Rob Demovsky. He was set to play under the fifth-year option of $7.9 million.

The Packers have voiced their belief in Love throughout the offseason.

“I don’t think we’d do this or be in this position if we didn’t have the confidence in Jordan,” Gutekunst said of trading Rodgers.

But, until a team knows, it doesn’t really know. That’s true for any position but especially so for quarterback.

“I think the biggest thing, obviously, we’ve seen steady growth through his first three years here,” Gutekunst said. “Last year through practice, there were a number of times because of Aaron’s injuries where he had to take over the 1s during practice in some of the competitive areas, and I just think you saw him grow and grow and grow. He didn’t get nearly as many opportunities as we would’ve liked last season during games but, when he did, he certainly answered the bell.

“And I think it’s just the natural maturation as a person, too. You guys know what is put on a quarterback in the National Football League’s plate, a starting quarterback. (It) is significant and there’s a lot to that, not only on the field. They’re going to go through a lot of challenges, but I think we started to see him grow into that role and felt more confident.”

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