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Rodgers Says He’s ‘Offended’ by Something

“It’s been one of those quiet offseasons you just dream about where you can just go through your process on your own quietly,” he said while promoting The Match golf event.

GREEN BAY, Wis. – During a promotional Zoom session filled with jabs and trash talking to hype “The Match” golf event, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wore a T-shirt that read “I’m Offended.”

Twitter being Twitter, with its recency bias and love of pot-stirring, the conclusion was that it was a not-so-subtle message directed toward Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy for calling Rodgers a “complicated fella” last week.

That could absolutely be true. Then again, in an Instagram post on May 26, the other NFL player in the event, legendary quarterback Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, called Rodgers merely a “Jeopardy! host” on Instagram. So, perhaps Rodgers’ T-shirt was in response to the quarterback who slayed the Rodgers-led Packers in last year’s NFC Championship Game.

On July 6, it will be PGA Championship winner Phil Mickelson and Brady vs. U.S. Open champion Bryson DeChambeau and Rodgers in the latest The Match. All four competitors were on the Zoom. Brady wore a T-shirt that mentioned he’s a seven-time Super Bowl champion.



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Jokingly asked by Turner Sports’ Brian Anderson about keeping a “low profile” and enjoying a “peaceful offseason,” Rodgers said: “It’s been one of those quiet offseasons you just dream about where you can just go through your process on your own quietly. It’s all you can ask for as an older player in the league and someone who’s been around for a long time. Just enjoy that time to yourself to just relax, to not be bothered, to not have any obligations or anything going on. I think that’s what this offseason’s been about. It’s been about really enjoying my time and spending it where I want to spend it and not feeling like I have to go anywhere, not having any responsibilities but still being an NFL player at the same time. It’s been great.”

Rodgers was one of 35 players not present for Tuesday’s organized team activity, the eighth of nine voluntary practices before a six-week break prior to training camp.

As he did on social media when the golf matchup was announced, Brady jabbed Rodgers with the Packers’ decision to kick a field goal on fourth down late in the NFC Championship.

“You do have a partner that would probably would’ve liked to go for it a little more often than he has in the past,” Brady said. “So, Bryson, I’m glad you’re encouraging him to kind of go for it when it’s on the line so rather than just knock it in the fairway or something like that and try to play for the next shot.”