Rodgers Tops Jones’ List of Favorite Teammates

Bill Huber

GREEN BAY, Wis. – As part of a series at, former players who work for NFL Network are writing about the five best players they played with in their careers.

James Jones put Aaron Rodgers at No. 1 on his list. Here’s part of what Jones wrote:

When I took the field with Rodgers, there was so much comfort in knowing he was a guy who could put the ball anywhere he wanted. I felt like I was never covered. And I'm a receiver! Even when the defensive back was in perfect position, I knew A-Rod was going to throw the ball to where only I could get it. I've seen him make some incredible throws -- and some of the best happened in practice.

The moment I realized just how special he was against the Denver Broncos in 2011. I had to run a bang post route in the red zone, in which the receiver is supposed to cross the defender's face. The receiver is told to never go behind the defender, because doing so usually ended up in a pick, or the QB simply not throwing it to you. In other words, that was a big no-no. Well, the defender was so far inside that I remember thinking (quickly, of course), How in the world am I going to cross inside? So I made the decision to miss my assignment and go behind. But when I went behind to the back of the end zone, I peeked back for a second at Rodgers, and to my surprise, he whipped the ball my direction. I caught the touchdown and said to Rodgers back on the sideline, “I went behind, man -- I'm sorry.” He replied with, “That's what I wanted you do to.”

Click here for Jones’ list (which includes a great anecdote on Charles Woodson) and more about Rodgers.

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