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Quick Hits: Thompson & Gilmore are Close, Watson Rumors, Darnold's Fundamentals + More

Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule met with the media following Wednesday's practice.

If Shaq Thompson could play this week

"I sure hope so. He practiced today in full pads, ran around. He was limited in terms of the amount of reps we gave him so we'll see how he progresses through the rest of this week. I'm hopeful he'll have a chance to play."

Dennis Daley, Trent Scott, or Brady Christensen at right guard

"Yeah, we're practicing all of those guys there right now. Trent went into the game last game and obviously, Dennis [Daley] has started there and played there. So, we kind of have all of those guys ready to rep. We'll see how practice goes and go with the best five we feel like on game day."

Not pursuing Deshaun Watson ahead of the trade deadline

"For me right now, I'm focused on this week and trying to beat Atlanta. I feel really good about Sam. Obviously, it wasn't a great game this past Sunday. I think at the end of the day when Sam goes back and watches himself or our whole team goes back and watches themselves against the New Orleans Saints, we see exactly what he is, was, and can be. We just have to get him back to that spot. 

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If Stephon Gilmore could play this week

"Yeah, he practiced today. I'm excited to see him out there. He's kind of in that same situation with Shaq. I'm hoping that he responds well each day and that he's ready to go on Sunday. I'll take it day-by-day but I'm hopeful obviously."

Why Darnold's fundamentals haven't been sharp

"I think when you go back and watch him throw a route against New Orleans and then you fast forward to Philly and then you fast forward to this past week, just his tempo is way faster. He's way quicker. His drops are getting shorter. His back foot was hitting at nine, now it's up to like eight. I think Sam is just playing a little too quick, not having the right tempo, not having the right depth, climbing up in the pocket too much - those are all correctable. He came in this morning and he and I watched the Saints game and you have to see yourself doing it. There's no doubt he can do it. There's no doubt. I just think you're trying so hard to win that you start trying to do too much and play a little faster. Then all of a sudden, one day you look up in you're a little bit hairy and you're not quite in rhythm."

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