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Grading the Panthers-Steelers Trade

The All Panthers staff offers thoughts on Carolina's trade with Pittsburgh.

Tuesday night, the Carolina Panthers traded cornerback Donte Jackson and the 178th overall pick in this year's draft to the Pittsburgh Steelers in exchange for wide receiver Diontae Johnson and the 240th overall pick.

Below our staff grades the trade.

Schuyler Callihan: A+

I was never an advocate for trading big-time draft compensation for a receiver, but this will do it. A late round pick swap with Donte Jackson included is a pretty fair deal for both clubs. Pittsburgh needed to add a corner and Carolina desperately needed to get Bryce Young some help. Also, Johnson is only a $10M cap hit for 2024 and is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent next offseason. There's no long-term commitment here with big $ attached. Low risk, high reward move for Dan Morgan.

Ian Black: B+ 

The Panthers desperately needed an offensive playmaker, and they got that in Johnson. The big thing to keep an eye on is whether or not he can keep his drop numbers down from where they were earlier in his career. The pick swap values make sense. This additional, while impactful, should not preclude the team from looking for another offensive playmaker relatively early in the draft.

Matt Welch: B

Would have much rather had a bigger splash at WR. But Diontae Johnson is a solid route runner with some speed.