Andre Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins Slam Texans' Jack Easterby

Two of the best to ever wear a Texans uniform aren't happy with how Easterby is handling things down in Houston
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Things aren't going well down in Houston for the Texans. 

They don't have a head coach, their star quarterback is unhappy with the organization, and now two Texan greats are slamming one Houston executive - Jack Easterby. 

Former Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson, who is one of the greatest players to wear a Texans uniform since their birth in 2002, sounded off on Twitter about his feelings toward the organization when addressing what he think Deshaun Watson should do. 

At first thought, one would think this is just a disgruntled former employee that is throwing shade as his former employer. However, that is not the case (well, not entirely). As NFL Media's James Palmer pointed out, Johnson still has close ties to the organization, enough to make him part of the search committee to find their new general manager and head coach this offseason. 

To make matters worse, former Houston wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins quoted Johnson's tweet, showing his support for what Johnson was expressing. 

The Texans got their offseason kickstarted by hiring former Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio to be their next general manager this past week. This sparked the reported displeasure by star quarterback Deshaun Watson, who is unhappy with the organization he plays for and their hiring practices. 

The anger and discontent coming from players connected to the Texans all seems to stem from their disapproval of Easterby, who was once just a chaplain for the New England Patriots. Easterby went from being a chaplain, to becoming Houston's executive vice president of team development in 2019, and then was promoted to executive vice president of football operations in 2020. His quick ascension is head-scratching, especially when seeing how poorly he has handled his duties since joining Houston two years ago. 

If Easterby wants to save his reputation, he needs to start by making his quarterback happy. That happens by Easterby hiring a head coach that Watson approves of.