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Podcast: Complete Recap of the Raiders vs. Colts

The Las Vegas Raiders (7-9) saw their 2023 NFL Playoff dreams die today in a 23-20 heartbreaking loss to the Indianapolis Colts (9-7).

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.--It was a heartbreaking 23-20 loss today for the Las Vegas Raiders (7-9), who watched their 2023 NFL Playoff hopes die against the Indianapolis Colts (9-7).

In our latest edition of the Las Vegas Raiders Insider Podcast, we offer you a complete recap of the game and fill you in on the latest information regarding the coaching watch. 

You can watch the entire podcast above.

The Indianapolis Colts had a great game plan to keep the Las Vegas Raiders' best player, Maxx Crosby, from ruining their day.

The Indianapolis Colts had a great game plan to keep the Las Vegas Raiders' best player, Maxx Crosby, from ruining their day.

Here is a transcript of wide receiver Davante Adams and quarterback Aidan O'Connell's statement after today's game.


It felt like today, situationally, there were some breakdowns in short-yardage situations and some penalties. How frustrating is that, in a close game like that, there were some self-inflicted wounds?

“I mean that’s been the story for us this year. It’s been more about us beating ourselves, and not being able to either convert in situations when we should, or having those penalties, and obviously that makes it a lot harder to win the game. So, it’s definitely frustrating.”

I know you’ve talked about it and want this group to learn about it, but it felt like you guys were learning your lesson, and then today it kind of just reared its ugly head in a game that you had to win. Does that make it even doubly frustrating that you had been doing well in those situations?

“Yes. It’s about discipline and consistency and we didn’t really display that today. We definitely had been better. We’ve been the least penalized team and today, situationally, we didn’t do that.”

Now that the team is officially eliminated from the playoffs, and you look back at some of these games that you guys should have won, is this kind of a missed opportunity type of season?

“Every season that you don’t go to the playoffs is a missed opportunity. All of the teams in this league are good, it’s just a matter of how you go out there and play. We just didn’t play good enough to do that. I’m sure all of the teams that are eliminated at this point, not just us, are frustrated. We definitely are a little extra just based off of what we have and the potential of this team.”

In the second half what were some things you that saw from quarterback Aidan O’Connell that were better down the stretch?

“I think he just got put in some good positions and went out there and executed. You could tell he got a little bit more comfortable. In the first half, we just didn’t really have a flow. The calls weren’t mixing, we weren’t coming up for some contested drives, and that makes it tough on building a rhythm for the offense. Receivers have to do a better job of making contested ones whenever they’re there, and the coaches have to put us in the best possible position, and that will help.”


The game just got a slow start. What happened there? There seemed to be very little momentum early.

“Yeah, I think just beating ourselves early on with penalties -- just everyone involved, including myself. It just was not as good communication as we needed early on and execution. It's hard to overcome those things in the NFL. Yeah, we needed a faster start, needed better execution. I definitely start with myself on that one, so that was disappointing."

How does that happen when you know what's at stake and it’s basically a play-in game?

“Yeah, I think -- it's the NFL, right? You can't rely on momentum from last week, you can't look ahead. I think every series, every play has enough of its own that you've got to lock in on. I think we could have done a better job of that today, again myself included. Just getting behind the sticks, it's hard to overcome. We definitely should have scored more points today than we did, so that was probably the most frustrating part.”

The Silver and Black finish the 2023 NFL Regular season next weekend at home by hosting their AFC West rival, the Denver Broncos.

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