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Podcast: Complete Recap of the Raiders vs. Chargers

Our latest episode of the Las Vegas Raiders Insider Podcast tackles Thursday Night's game between the Silver and Black and the Los Angeles Chargers.

LAS VEGAS, Nev.--The Las Vegas Raiders (6-8) absolutely beat down their AFC West arch-rivals, the Los Angeles Chargers, 63-21, tonight.

It was a record-setting performance as the offense held scoreless last week, setting a franchise record for most points in a game.

You can watch the entire podcast above.

Las Vegas Raiders QB Aidan O'Connell was masterful in the Las Vegas Raiders' 63-21 drubbing of the Los Angeles Chargers.

Las Vegas Raiders QB Aidan O'Connell was masterful in the Las Vegas Raiders' 63-21 drubbing of the Los Angeles Chargers.

Here is a short transcript of what Coach Antonio Pierce said after the game:

 Q: You made the decision this week to put Bo Hardegree up in the box. Obviously, that had an impact. I'm just curious about what went into you making that decision? The second part of that question is: I talked to you this week about attacking down the field and you said: ‘That's what we have to do.’ Can you talk about how you addressed it with the team and how they responded, sir? 

Coach Pierce: "First, for Bo [Hardegree], it's just something I thought about over some time. It's been building up and obviously after last week's performance we needed to make a change. And I think it worked out well for us. To your second question, I've been saying every week, that's the plan. With a young quarterback, you've got to let it go and tonight he did. And on the second play of the game, boom, we took a shot. Yeah, it wasn't completed, but that set the tone and you can see what we were going to do the rest of the game. Obviously, there were more opportunities later in the game. We have a lot of skilled players that we know, and it just takes confidence. I wish we could have done it on day one, I wish we could just draw it up and it's that easy, but obviously it took us six games to do it and I hope that's part of what's going forward the rest of the year." 

Q: Was there a sense of catharcisim terms of getting a lot of the frustrations out by the players? We had almost everyone on the scoreboard tonight. 

Coach Pierce: "We talked about just having a short-term memory. I'm going to reference what Davante [Adams] said last week, that we were on the wrong side of history. Well, we're on the right side now. And that's the way we want to be. But it's like anything, turnovers, points, they always come in bunches and for us it became a frenzy, right? You saw it on defense. You saw it on offense. Special teams jumped in it. Just look at the sideline. I think if you're going to watch the game, if you didn't see it, you can just hear it. There was a lot of energy down there by those guys. Hats off to our team, these guys responded four days after what happened here previously." 

The Silver and Black will return to action versus their AFC West rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs, on Christmas Day in Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Don't miss it on Monday, December 25, at 1:00 p.m. EST/10:00 a.m. PST.

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