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Could Adam Plant Jr. be Raiders' Next Breakout UDFA?

Las Vegas Raiders undrafted free agent Adam Plant Jr. had the traits the club looks for in a UDFA.
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The Las Vegas Raiders had an impressive class of undrafted free agents last season, particularly with defensive assets such as cornerback Sam Webb and linebacker Luke Masterson.

Las Vegas native Adam Plant Jr., who played high school and college football in Sin City, has the makings of the next undrafted free agent the club could have struck gold with.

"Good kid certainly has the some of the tools that you look for to play on the edge, length and size, some quickness, some pass rush and ability to play in the running game," Raiders Coach Josh McDaniels said when he addressed the media on Thursday. "When you're looking for players after the draft, the first thing you're trying to figure out is if the guy has the traits that you can work with to develop, and part of that is maturity, intelligence, work ethic, the things that you can't necessarily measure at the combine. 

"So obviously the scouts do a lot of work and we have a lot of sources to try to gather as much information as we can on the players who we bring in after the draft, and we're looking forward to continue to work with him. And like you saw last year, we had a number of players who weren't drafted that made our football team and played a lot and contributed. So those guys have just as good of an opportunity as everybody else." 

Plant's hard work has caught the eye of veteran pass rusher Chandler Jones throughout OTAs.

"If I was an NFL scout, the first thing I will look at for a player is their consistency as far as their practice," Jones said. "Are they the same person every day? Do they have up day or do they have a down day? But work ethic, because that's one thing you can't coach, telling guys go harder. That's something that's just in you or you don't have it. So those two guys [Tyree Wilson and Plant] especially Adam stands out, how hard he works."

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