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Answering Your Raiders Emails, Questions

The Las Vegas Raiders are one of the world's most influential professional sports franchises, and we take time each week to answer the questions of a rabid fan base.

The Las Vegas Raiders have turned the page to the 2024 season, and many questions surround this ICONIC franchise.

We will answer some of Raider Nation's questions and emails as we look ahead to this season.

Hello, Hondo. I have always been intrigued by how you cover quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, and now that he is leaving, could you tell me your thoughts on him and what you think? I remember you saying he was a great guy, but you wouldn't sign him because of injury. --Thank you, Helen S.

That is precisely it. I have a great relationship with Jimmy, and I like and respect him very much. He is a good person and, I think, a better quarterback than what he showed in Las Vegas under Coach Josh McDaniels. My only issue with Jimmy G is that he can’t stay healthy.

Hey Hondo, I love and appreciate your work, but I don't understand why you say that the Raiders want Josh Jacobs and that he wants the Raiders, and as long as JJ is reasonable, a deal will happen. Then you turn around and report teams that would be interested in JJ. Why send that kind of lousy ju-ju into the Universe? We lose him, and your reporting who wanted him probably encouraged him to try free agency. --Kyle M.

I am grateful you think I am so powerful that I control players' actions. I wish that were true. It was totally important for us to cover the teams that would be interested in Josh, and I agree with Tom Telesco that we did not come up with a number to match. It is a business.

Hondo, last season you were emphatic that you thought based on talking with so many people the NFL that C.J. Stroud was the best QB. So who do you feel after talking to all your people is the best one? --Y. Curtis

J.J. McCarthy, and it isn’t close. Caleb Williams is the most physically talented but has the most red flags. Of the people I trust with experience and success, J.J. McCarthy is the best QB in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Zamir White is ready to lead the 2024 Las Vegas Raiders rushing attack.

Zamir White is ready to lead the 2024 Las Vegas Raiders rushing attack.

Hey Hondo, long time reader, first time emailer and I have a question about Pierce. I know you like him, and thought he was the best for the job, but what is his biggest weakness? --Jeremie E.

This is a terrific question. To answer it, I reached out to some mutual friends for their opinions. One former teammate told me: “He is such a team guy. He believes in his tribe; he is all in. Some dudes aren’t that way, and he gets let down. I could see him believing in a player who lets him down.”

Hondo, do you think the Raiders should move up to any of the top three spots? --Mark S.

Absolutely, definitely, no.

Hondo, can the Raiders win with Zamir White as RB1? --Dave. A

They already have. Did you see the whippin' they put on Kansas City on Christmas? His resume “Is on the field.”

Hondo, do you feel, in your heart that Antonio Pierce can win a Super Bowl? --Pete D.

He already has, and that DNA doesn’t change when you move from captain and star player to coach.

No Hondo hate this week, so thank you, everyone.

If you have questions about your beloved Silver and Black, email us at and put Raiders Q&A in the subject line.

The NFL Draft will be held in Detroit, Mich., on April 25-27, 2024. The Las Vegas Raiders currently have the No. 13 overall pick.

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