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Matthew Stafford 'Wants To Beat His Ass!' Kelly Joins Beef with Barstool vs. 'Entourage' Actor

Rams QB Matthew Stafford 'Wants To Beat His Ass!' Kelly Joins Beef with Barstool vs. 'Entourage' Actor Kevin Connolly
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Kelly Stafford has jumped into the fray in a business argument involving Barstool host “Jersey” Jerry Gilfone and "Entourage'' actor Kevin Connolly , with Kelly, the wife of Super Bowl champion quarterback Matthew Stafford, accusing Connolly of fraud.

"My husband wants to beat his ass,'' Kelly wrote on Twitter/X. "But I'd rather see what happens to him in prison.''


Gilfone exposed the alleged problems between Stafford and Connelly after detailing his issues with the actor, who played the self-made Hollywood agent "E'' on the HBO hit show.

Stafford says she launched her podcast with Connolly’s ActionPark Media during her husband’s first season with the Los Angeles Rams. It is Kelly's claim that Connolly never paid her the proceeds from a project. 

Rather than suing him in a way that would generate negative publicity, Stafford told Gilfone she simply acquired her RSS feed back from Connolly and moved on from the production deal.

Gilfone said he worked for Connolly early in his media career, and that Connolly didn't pay him properly for his work. Stafford apparently supports Gilfone's position as it mirrors her own alleged experience with Connolly.

In Gilfone's case, the disputed amount seems to be $35,000, so we're not sure "E'' is "going to prison.'' And given the fact that Connolly is 50 years old and stands 5-5, a fight involving the 6-3, 235-pound QB vs. the actor might only be entertaining for a moment. So maybe the "beefing'' parties will find another way.