Rivera on Redskins Name: "A discussion for another time."

Chris Russell

Ron Rivera was a guest on the radio (670 The Score) back in Chicago, on a station I used to work for on Monday and he was asked the question that Redskins media has not had the opportunity to ask him. 

How do you feel about the Redskins name-change debate, Ron?

Someone was indeed prepared. 

Surprise, surprise. Rivera is a smart man and he gave a non answer for an answer. 

Good for him. 

I've heard through sources that Rivera is very antsy about discussing the name issue and kneeling down, so this is not a surprise. 

He's a good man. A really good man by all accounts.

However - he's a football coach. Not a political activist. Not someone that wants to be in the center of the frying pan when it comes to these issues. 

Rivera is the face of the franchise and the public representative of an organization that is largely scorned by many. 

The questions are always going to come and he's always going to have to delicately dance around them unless......

Does Rivera feel a certain way privately and he doesn't want to say it?

I don't know. I don't know him well enough to even put forward an educated guess. 

You do have to wonder (at least I do), if Rivera is pro Redskins name change privately, why he would have taken the job in the first place?

Also there's this - if he's on that side of this issue - is he the one man that could ever get Dan Snyder to change his mind?

All legitimate questions that we don't have any answers to. 

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Tater Eater
Tater Eater

There is no need for the team to change its name if management would just change the logo to a small, scarlet skinned spud.

Use a Red Skin Potato in place of the noble Native American harmed by the name associated with the image.

Win win all the way around!