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Taysom Hill's Multiple Roles Remains Important for Saints

Multiple roles for Taysom Hill will still be enough to scare NFL defenses.
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Taysom Hill and Alvin Kamara are match-up nightmares for defensive coordinators. Hill has a few extra layers over Kamara that Dennis Allen and Pete Carmichael could take advantage of this season. 

Reporters asked about Hill in the Saints' offense, Allen replied, "I look at him as a weapon in the passing game. I look at him as a weapon playing at the quarterback position. I look at him with the ball in his hands. I look at him on special teams and a lot of different areas."

Don't expect much of a change for Hill this season. Sean Payton utilized the Saints' "Swiss Army Knife" as a change of pace QB. As Allen stated, New Orleans may decide to use Hill in several other areas of its offensive attack.

Despite not having a definitive role, don't expect Pete Carmichael Jr. and head coach Dennis Allen to veer to far away from Sean Payton's deployment of Hill. Expect the weekly gameplans and in-game situations to determine the quantity of snaps Hill receives this season.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Taysom Hill (7)

1. The RPO

  • The RPOs will be Hill's bread-and-butter play — especially if the Saints need an off-schedule play to counter a defensive front's scheme.
Taysom Hill

2. The Receiver

  • Hill is faster than linebackers and quite a few cornerbacks. Lining him in the tight end or slot positions will be a mismatch.
  • The tight-end role suits him well and could be his best position for 2022.

3. The Rusher

  • If you need 2 to 5 yards in critical situations, Hill is the man. Not to say Kamara or Ingram wouldn't be effective.
  • Taysom Hill's passing ability out of the backfield threatens most NFL defenses. Do they play the run or the pass? Advantage Saints with Hill.

4. The Passer

  • Hill is considered the fourth option behind Winston, Dalton, and Book. Only if injuries occur a No. 1 and No. 2 will we see Taysom under center for most of the snaps.
  • Still, the RPO is better suited for Taysom. He's a proven starter, but his inconsistent down-field passing prevented Sean Payton from handing him the reins as the starter last season.
Taysom Hill

5. Special Teams

  • Again, Hill may not be a factor unless there is a significant special teams injury.
  • Although, he is a playmaker and has demonstrated effectiveness in blocking punts, returning kicks, blocking, and more.

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