What Offensive Coordinator Klint Kubiak Said About His Offense, Kamara, Dennis Allen At New Orleans Saints Minicamp

New Saints offensive coordinator has high expectations and will hold his players accountable this upcoming season.
New Orleans Saints offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak
New Orleans Saints offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak / New Orleans Saints
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New offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak sounds like a confident head coach each time he steps up to the podium. Even Saints fans noticed his poise and the rhythm of his replies to reporters during the post-practice Q&A.   

Kubiak, 37, is implementing a new offensive scheme with fresh concepts in New Orleans for the first time since 2006. The coach clued us into a key for the Saints offense — it starts with the run game.  


"I think it starts from the top down," Kubiak said. "It starts with the head coach supporting us, wanting to run the ball, and then trickling down to the players and their mindset into making those play actions come to life once we run the ball."

Alvin Kamara
Nov 12, 2023; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara (41) looks on during the game against the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports / Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports


On Alvin Kamara's mid-practice departure, Kubiak shrewdly replied, "I think DA [Dennis Allen] addressed some of those questions. I didn't get to talk to him." He did note the one Kamara, "He's been great. Talked to him on the even when he was gone. We've been in constant communication. I really love the way he put in the work yesterday and then the walk-through."

Kamara has been the focal point of New Orleans' offense since arriving in 2017. Kubiak could implement a game plan for Kamara, similar to how Kyle Shanahan used one for Christian McCaffrey during the 49ers' Super Bowl run last season. Going forward without No. 41 in training camp could stymie Kubiak's offense's progress. The developing contract Kamara-Saints talks, if any, will be critical.


Coach Kubiak will hold his players accountable for their preparation before arriving at training camp. "That's what we tell our guys. It's real football come to Fall. So they got to put themselves in position to be successful and be in shape, over this break."

Taysom Hill
Jan 7, 2024; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; New Orleans Saints quarterback Taysom Hill (7) is chased out of bounds by Atlanta Falcons safety Richie Grant (27) during the second half at Caesars Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports


The Mindset for Success

"We're never going to be where we want to be. If we have that mindset, we'll be alright."

Offensive Competitiveness at Camp

"I think I've seen improvement in the competitive periods when the 1s go out there and move the ball down the field.  It's a good start. We're all in underwear out here. So we get to training camp. We put pads on. You know, guys that maybe you didn't notice here the last couple weeks, they're going start showing up in the other way around too."

Trevor Penning's Growth Mindset

"I think Trevor Penning has done everything we've asked him since we got here.  Really tough mentality."

Christ Olave
Dec 3, 2023; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; New Orleans Saints wide receiver Chris Olave (12) catches a pass against the Detroit Lions during the first half at the Caesars Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

How This Coach Wants Chris Olave To Develop

"I just want see him to continue to develop and help us in more ways than just catching the ball, and that's with all receivers. [I] put a lot of pressure on those guys to help us out in the run game. So that's a big part of his improvement and all the wideouts."

More On the Receivers' Responsibilities In The New Offense

"Our receiver got to play three different positions."

On Wideout Cedric Wilson

"Cedric Wilson.  That's a really, really intelligent guy that's played a lot of spots too.  Maybe doesn't get as much of the credit, but I would compliment him as well."

Managing Expectations

"We have high expectations of ourselves regardless of what's going on outside.  And if we can just kind of narrow our vision, and put the blinders on, and focus on that, and less about what's going on around us, the better we'll be."

Be Hard On Players Produces Good Results

"You got to make it hard on them in practice, and make him study at night. And I think overall, I was pleased with the detail our guys had and our coaches that put him through it."

On Dennis Allen's Defense

"Playing against Coach Allen in the past is one of the toughest defensive schemes to face. The number of looks that we got in this one camp, for as much as you'll see in the NFL with the defense that's been established for a long time. And, they definitely caused a lot of problems for us and made us better."


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