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Steelers Fighting for Next Big Signing

The Pittsburgh Steelers are competing for a few more splash signings.

PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers have made some splash moves so far in free agency, and even the names they have re-signed will make a significant impact on their roster in 2024. 

But they aren't done yet. 

At this point in free agency, the initial wave is over. Now, players are negotiating with multiple teams, trying to decide which landing spot fits best for them. The Steelers are in on a number of players, but they're fighting to agree on a deal - and they're fighting with some big opponents. 

Tyler Boyd and Justin Simmons remain the biggest names to watch. Both are talking with other teams - and some significant contenders in that. Don't rule out Pittsburgh, though. 

If the Steelers don't land either, where do they go from there? They have a few options. 

A couple of wide receivers hit the open market who make sense for Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, there's a rumor floating around about a safety. A rumor fans are hoping isn't true.

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