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Steelers Start NFL Combine With Splash

The Pittsburgh Steelers are making headlines right from the start of NFL Combine week.

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Pittsburgh Steelers are working through the NFL Combine day by day, but even without anyone representing them as coaches and general managers opened up the week, the black and gold had plenty of headlines. 

The Steelers received love from across the league, with a number of coaches talking about Mike Tomlin, and even new offensive coordinator Arthur Smith receiving a shout out. 

Meanwhile, they learned of  two cornerback options that may be off the board for them - maybe. If they're interested in making a splash, they can still go land one of the two. And if the opportunity presents itself, the Tomlin effect with free agents may come into play. 

There is also another quarterback everyone is starting to talk about. One they probably shouldn't be. At this point, everyone is throwing everyone against the wall, hoping something will stick. 

Here's something that's tangible - it may not be too much longer before Mason Rudolph is inked to another contract - and the dollar amount may surprise you. 

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