Quotes of Note: What Ravens Said About Losing to Titans

David Boclair

The Baltimore Ravens were the talk of the NFL for much of the 2019 regular season.

Their record-setting offense , led by quarterback Lamar Jackson, and an aggressive defense combined for a 14-2 record, including 12 straight wins to conclude the regular season.

Saturday, though, players and coaches had to answer questions about the fact that the Tennessee Titans beat them 28-12 in an AFC divisional playoff contest and ended their season much sooner than most expected.

Here is some of what those players and coaches said about the game, and the team that beat them:

• Running back Mark Ingram, on the result: “We got our ass whipped today, so we’re going home, you know what I mean? We didn’t play our best football today – give them credit, they played a good game, and it showed.”

• Coach John Harbaugh, on the Titans: “Congratulations to the Titans, Coach [Mike] Vrabel and their team. They did a great job. I felt like they played winning football, and they did it in a tough environment, and they got the job done. So, they’ll be moving forward.”

• Safety Chris Clark, on running back Derrick Henry: “He’s definitely a good player, and we knew the task that we were up against. We knew that we had to be able to stop the run, the cut-back runs, so we could be able to be on the front side and contain him. There were a couple of times that we messed up as a unit, and he got out of it.”

• Defensive tackle Michael Pierce, on Henry: “He’s an amazing back. I was just talking to the guys about it and seeing the way he ran against New England last week. Just on TV, it didn’t look like they could do much to stop him. And probably for the first time in my career, I thought there wasn’t much I could do to stop him either. That dude is in a zone unlike anything I’ve ever played against.”

• Tackle Orlando Brown Jr., on the play of Tennessee’s defense: “I think they just played a great game and did a great job doing what they do.”

• Quarterback Lamar Jackson, on how Tennessee limited Baltimore to 12 points: “We’ve just got to do better. They weren’t doing anything spectacular out there. Nothing we’ve never seen before. We’ve just got to put points on the board. … We wanted to score points, like right away, as soon as they scored. But we just got out of our element a little too fast, you know, trying to beat them to the punch.”

• Defensive end Chris Wormley, on the play of Tennessee’s offense: “They did exactly what we thought they were going to do, which is the frustrating part. We knew they weren’t going to throw it much. We knew they were going to run it. Once they got a big enough lead, that is what they continued to do, and we couldn’t seem to stop them.”

• Wide receiver Willie Snead IV, on the fact that the Titans never trailed: “It was tough. They put us in a different position, and we had to come back and rally back a little bit. We just didn’t finish drives, and that’s what put us behind. We turned the ball over. That wasn’t winning football.”

• Safety Earl Thomas, on the flow of the game: “We never really had control of the game. They had great field position to capitalize on sudden-change moments. They won fair and square.”

• Wide receiver Miles Boykin, on what the Titans did well: “They played sound football. They did not make any mistakes. We talked about this all week long. The team that made the least amount of mistakes would win the football game. We turned the ball over. You can’t have that in a playoff game. That’s why we lost. They played a better game than us. They were the better team.” 

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Earl eating his words now


They got outplayed. Plain and simple they lost to the team that showed up ready to play.

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