Henry Donates to Nashville Firefighter

Jeremy Taylor, a Titans season-ticket holder, and his family lost their new home to a fire in January.
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A Nashville-area first-responder’s story of loss touched Derrick Henry, who decided he needed to lend a hand.

The Tennessee Titans running back donated $10,000 through his foundation, Two All, to Jeremy Taylor, a firefighter who recently lost his home in a fire, and Campbell’s Chunky, a franchise sponsor, contributed another $5,000 to help the family rebuild.

Taylor, a father of four who also is a Titans season-ticket holder, purchased the home in White Bluff, Tenn., roughly 35 miles West of Nashville, last July and subsequently performed significant upgrades to the structure. Fire destroyed the structure a little more than a month ago while Taylor, shortly after the family moved in. The family was away when the fire broke out.

It was his tweet about the loss that caught the attention of Henry.

“I saw the tweet and I was just touched by it, losing a home is such a tragic occurrence,” Henry said, according to a release from the team. “Not only did I see the tweet, but I saw that he was a Titans fan and also a first responder. Nashville has been through so much as a community – the tornado, the pandemic going on, and then the Christmas bombing. I just wanted to be able to help someone in need and someone who has been helping everyone else throughout this pandemic.

“I was just touched by what I had seen about Jeremy and his family on Twitter and just wanted to do anything I could to help them. Just touched by his family and wanted to help Jeremy in his own time of need.”

The Two All Foundation’s primary mission is to help children throughout the United States through “mentorship, new opportunities, and the tools they need to succeed in life.” In this case, Henry decided that four children needed a roof over their heads.

The Titans surprised Taylor with the donation during a presentation last week at his firehouse. Taylor also received a signed Derrick Henry jersey. Henry delivered a video message.

“Just blessed, very blessed,” Taylor said. “I mean, I think it’s great to always give back. I’ve always tried to help people, no matter what. … It’s definitely been a blessing to my family. I’m very overwhelmed.”